Thank you, Roseanne & Lori!

Weil dieser Post sich nun Hauptsächlich an meine Cousine in New York richtet, heute mal auf englisch:

Today I had a gift in the mailbox at work.
And it was a package from New York!

I was so over the moon! It doen´t happen often to get a package without order something ;)

Inside was a little card and a little envelope:

My cousin always find such warm words that totally touch my heart:

Oh this card made me so happy! This is the first time I saw her handwriting :)

Inside was a longsleeve with a red apple (;)) printed on. The shirt is from a farm in their town.


This photo is in the bathroom of the studio. But I had to send her a photo to show her that it fits!

So, thank you so much, Roseanne and Lori!

This gift made me smile the whole morning!
And guess what? I have something at my home (not finished completely. It´s handmade and took it´s time!) that will make it´s way to New York soon!

Love, Nora.


P.s.: Hoffentlich sind da nun nicht ganz so viele Fehler drin – es gibt seine Gründe, auf Deutsch zu schreiben :D.

Mein Englisch-LK ist nun auch schon fast 11 Jahre her ;)

P.s.2: Ich bin noch müde, deshalb sehe ich so verheult auf dem Foto aus – keine Sorge, es geht mir gut! :)


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